Hello and welcome to my website.

I'm an Aussie and I write sitcoms and comedy webisodes.

Here is the filmed "concept piece" for my latest comedy "The Slow Burn", which is about a frustrated young chef and his business-graduate sister who open their own restaurant - breaking free of bureaucracy to do their own thing - only to find that they still have to answer to each other. I have written five webisodes for this comedy and we should be filming them later in the year.

And here is a sitcom pilot I recently wrote and filmed called "Joan & Brian", which is a romantic comedy about a modern marriage where the husband and wife work together and she is his boss. He's a popular teacher and she's the school principal.

Next is an early sitcom pilot I wrote and directed called "Delisted!".

"After his third knee reconstruction, a footballer is delisted by his club and finds that his manager has run off with his money, leaving him bankrupt and evicted from his penthouse apartment.

Expecting to retire with his money from football and accustomed to a playboy lifestyle, he never bothered with an education or learning a trade and is totally unprepared for life in the “real world”. He seeks refuge at the house of his cousin while he tries to track down his manager and also support himself (without football) for the first time."

This series was designed to showcase the unique chemistry between the three main actors. This episode also features a performance by the late, great Charles “Bud” Tingwell, who played the Mayor.


Here is the trailer for a feature film comedy I wrote and directed called Love Match", which is about a playboy tennis star ... who still lives at home with his mother.



This next movie is a silent comedy short from an early script I wrote called “The Apprentice” (nothing to do with the U.S. reality show). It’s about a young man who has a problem resisting temptation. It includes a guest appearance by well-known Australian comedy actor George Kapiniaris (Acropolis Now, The Flying Doctors).